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I’m a witch. I live in a hobbit hole with Neville Longbottom and I travel by Eagle. Majestic fuckers, truly. My best friend is Thor, my first kiss was with Irene Adler and I have a “frenemy” thing going with Dobby. Never trust the house elves! Draco Malfoy is my stalker, and my lover is Matt Smith/11th Doctor. Sadly, my awesome life was ended by Dean Winchester. (Nooo, why?!)

I’m a witch, living at Hogwarts, where I share a room with Thor.  We travel to Hogsmeade in my Empala, with my best friend Dean Winchester.  My first kiss was Loki, and Draco Malfoy is my “Frenemy”, probably jealous that I kissed Loki first.  Tony Stark is my stalker.. o.O  My lover is Dean Wincester (best friends withe benefits) and tragically..some people can never get over someone moving on…and my life was ended by none other than my first kiss, Loki.

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